February 11, 2016

Dear Pitt Alumni and Advocates,

Though Governor Wolf has delivered his budget address for the 2017 fiscal year, his Administration remains locked in a battle with the General Assembly over the still incomplete 2016 fiscal year spending plan.

One of the primary casualties of this prolonged partisan battle of ideologies is the University of Pittsburgh. Pitt and the other state-related universities, Penn State, Temple, and Lincoln, still have not received any funding for the current year, though it is more than seven months after the June 30th budget deadline.

Pennsylvania’s partial spending plan, approved by the General Assembly and the Governor in late December, provided funding to local school districts, the State System of Higher Education, and private colleges and universities. However, Pennsylvania’s flagship public research universities remain without funding, as they are being used as leverage in a political battle. These universities educate high-achieving Pennsylvania students and are major engines of economic growth in their regions.

We ask that you write to and call Governor Wolf and your state representative and state senator to ask that they put aside their differences and pass the appropriation bills that fund Pitt and the other state-related universities. We also encourage you to write letters to the editor and share your support on social media. Now more than ever, it is absolutely critical that our elected representatives hear from their constituents on the necessity of passing these funding bills.

It is imperative that Pitt’s funding be released so that Pennsylvania students are not the innocent victims of the lengthy budget impasse.

Please visit the Pitt Advocates website for sample letters, letters to the editor, tweets, and talking points provided to guide you in expressing your strong support for funding for the University of Pittsburgh. Additionally, please email us a copy of your letters and any correspondence you receive. Thank you for your strong and continuing support.

Hail to Pitt!

Paul A. Supowitz Vice Chancellor for Community and Governmental Relations

Jeff Gleim Associate Vice Chancellor Executive Director, Pitt Alumni Association