A Student Guide to Campus Life

The Office of Community and Governmental Relations developed a Student Guide to Campus Life. The purpose of the Guide is to provide students who are or will be living off-campus, meaningful information that will assist them to meet both community and University expectations consistent with the provisions of The Pitt Promise: A Commitment to Civility.

Oakland: Our Hometown

Oakland is the third largest economic center in Pennsylvania. It is the academic and healthcare epicenter of Pittsburgh that retains a vibrant and diverse residential community. It has a thriving population of long-term residents and their families, as well as students. Look for ways and resources to connect with your community on pages 8-9 and 12-13.

Finding The Right Place to Live

There are many resources available to students looking for rental property. It is important to consider not only the cost, size, condition, and location, but also the landlord’s reputation, the safety and security features, parking, lease terms, and suitable roommate availability. Get more housing resources on pages 2-5.

Safety and Security

While Oakland is viewed as a safe neighborhood, it is vital to consider safety as you visit or look for off-campus housing. Information on key safety considerations are included on page 2. Pitt Police is a useful resource for students and offers specific safety and security training. In addition, the SafeRider program provides safe transportation during the evening and early morning hours. More information on these topics is included on page 11.

Street Safety Awareness

The University of Pittsburgh is an urban institution located in a densely populated and bustling neighborhood. On average, over 100,000 people travel through Oakland each day. Review street safety tips on page 11.

Parking and Transportation

Parking in Oakland is often a challenge, and we recommend not bringing a car to campus. Your Pitt ID allows you fare-free access to the Port Authority of Allegheny County transit system, and Oakland is a bike-friendly neighborhood, with racks and lockers available on campus. Choosing off-campus housing near a Pitt shuttle route or the public bus line will be useful, as residential streets in Oakland tend to be permit parking zones. Contact the Department of Parking, Transportation, and Services prior to arrival to determine the availability of on-campus parking.

Community Engagement

Pitt students, faculty, and staff are consistently recognized for engagement with and impact on the community. While our immediate Oakland neighborhood is a priority, the University impacts the entire region through its academics, research, and economic activity. PittServes collaborates extensively with community partners and Pitt schools, departments, and student organizations, allowing you to take advantage of service, research, and scholarship opportunities. Specific details can be viewed on page 12.