Oakland Partners

Bellefield Area Citizens Association - BACA

Bellefield Area Citizens Association is a group of residents and business owners working together to improve their North Oakland neighborhood in the City of Pittsburgh, PA.

Community Human Services - CHS

Community Human Services Corporation seeks to enhance people's lives and strengthen communities by providing opportunities to develop individual potential and by delivering comprehensive services that maximize the health and well-being of those it serves in South Oakland and the greater Pittsburgh area.

Family House

Family House serves more than 24,000 patients and families staying in Pittsburgh for medical care every year. Affordable, accessible, compassionate, and quality housing is sustained through the generosity of our donors and volunteers. 

Oak Hill Community Resident's Council

The Oak Hill Community Resident’s Council is committed to identifying and responding to the needs of the Oak Hill community to improve the quality of life for residents.

Oakcliffe Community Organization

Home to a diverse group of renters, owners, businesses, healthcare facilities, and an exciting greening initiative, Oakclliffe is a community of the South Oakland neighborhood in the City of Pittsburgh represented by Oakcliffe Community Organization. It is bordered by Bates Street on the East, The Boulevard of the Allies on the North, Forbes Avenue on the West and the Parkway East on the South.

Oakland Business Improvement District - OBID

The Oakland Business Improvement District is an economic development agency representing local businesses, commercial property owners, universities, hospitals, non-profit and government organizations working to make Oakland Pittsburgh’s most vibrant business district community. The organization also takes the lead on Innovation Oakland, a project with the goal of making Oakland’s largest business district the hub of technology and innovation, and Startup Oakland, a campaign helping to grow Oakland’s start-up community.

Oakland Planning & Development Corporation – OPDC

OPDC builds a better Oakland through job placement services, neighborhood preservation and investment programs, resident volunteer efforts, youth services and community engagement. OPDC connects people and organizations with diverse concerns and perspectives, based on shared goals arrived at through open dialogue and direct action. The result is an economically stronger, more culturally cohesive, more action-oriented, and more actively employed, engaged and inclusive Oakland community.

Oakland Task Force - OTF

The Oakland Task Force is a partnership of Oakland institutions, businesses, community groups, and public agencies focused on improving Oakland. The OTF agenda addresses Oakland-area issues through coordination and collaboration. OTF has had a leading role in implementing projects that have helped to enhance Oakland, its vibrancy, and its role as the education and medical hub of the region.

Oakland Transportation Management Association - OTMA

Oakland Transportation Management Association serves the Oakland community through advocacy and provision of information to encourage good transportation choices by commuters, residents, and visitors alike with the goal of increasing the use of modes other than the automobile. These alternative modes will reduce congestion and improve the quality of the street environment and therefore the quality of life in Oakland.

Peoples Oakland

Peoples Oakland is a non-profit organization serving adults with disabilities resulting from serious mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, major mood disorders, sometimes co-occurring with substance abuse or addiction. Peoples Oakland offers a program of psychosocial and vocational rehabilitation through individual and group counseling coupled with opportunities to interact with peers and the community.

South Oakland Neighborhood Group - SONG

The South Oakland Neighborhood Group is a community organization of residents, primarily focused on South Oakland, to improve the quality of life for all residents, including students and local businesses, through improved and expanded communication and involvement.

West Oakland Neighborhood Council

The West Oakland Neighborhood Council is comprised of local residents with a passion for maintaining and improving the quality of life in West Oakland and surrounding neighborhoods.